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Throughout Laurie Rubidge’s career she has trained tens of thousands of people from all over the globe. Laurie has dedicated over 25 years of her life to inspire and motivate people to be the best they can be. Most people think that the way to become a success is by being a “natural”, while that may be the case for some, it’s a fact that with the right desire and the “know how” it is possible to have the average become above average, perhaps even have excellence in every area of life. Laurie is a prime example.

Laurie is by far not the “natural born success story.” She comes from a humble beginning, being the last out of 6 children from a small suburb in Chicago. She was blessed to have two wonderful parents that gave her tremendous love and a safe home to live in.

Although Laurie got a business degree from Eastern Illinois University, in which she bartended for 4 years to obtain, it wasn’t until she moved to California did her real education start. That’s where the story begins…

In 1988, against her parent’s advice, Laurie decided to pack up her 73 Cougar and move to California to make her dreams come true. Within 10 days of being there she called a newspaper ad that read “DRIVE A MERCEDES”. After looking at her 73 Cougar out the window a few times she decided to call the ad. That’s when she was introduced to entrepreneurship thru network marketing but more importantly the first of many mentors in her life. The exact day was 8/8/88.

Laurie certainly had a rough start, but was encouraged by her dear friend Gary to attend a training seminar to learn how to create a success business. She learned about personal and development for the first time and that..

“It truly doesn’t matter where you come from, it just matters where you want to go and if you want to do what it takes to succeed. ”


She still didn’t sky rocket consistently out of the gates to success, but due to persistence and hard work Laurie eventually built a multi-million dollar sales team of over 40,000 people and become one of the most recognized trainers in the industry.

Although Laurie was so blessed to start living the American dream in her twenties, buying one of her first of 4 homes in Del Mar California, driving sport cars and vacationing all over the world, what she is most proud of in her life is giving back. Laurie was blessed to give back to the family that gave her love and support and also to endless individuals and charities that have not been as fortunate.

Laurie was able to help her parents emotionally and financially during one of the hardest times of their lives when her Mom was sick with emphysema. After Laurie’s Mom passed away, she was able to support her Dad not just with security but also with time, spending much of the next year “hanging” with her Dad to keep him uplifted.


Laurie eventually surprised her Dad with his dream car, a convertible Mercedes and retired him on a gorgeous 43-foot Hatteras Motor Yacht in Florida.

dads boat 001

Laurie has been involved with numerous charities, such as American Lung Association, Special Olympics, Ted Danson’s American Ocean Campaign, Dennis Weaver’s Institute for Ecolonomics, Dare Organization, Eco Organization, Nurses for Newborns and Whales Alive Celebrity Event with Lloyd Bridges family. Laurie has been involved with Big Brother Bis Sis since 2006, and most recently was on the Board of this amazing program.

Laurie will be forever grateful for the mentors in her life that believed in her before she learned how to believe in herself.
Along with being blessed with having the the most dedicated committed loyal sales team around the world, in 2002 she was fortunate to move to Nashville to pursue her dream of writing/singing and producing an inspirational CD. She has also been blessed to break records with a company endorsed by Donald Trump, train along side of the greats, Mr. Mark Victor Hansen, Mr. Bob Circosta and now Mr. Chad Schapiro. Laurie was also so honored to create a training company exclusively for Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone’s company.

Laurie has a level of passion that is extraordinary to help people accomplish so much more than they ever dreamed possible. Laurie feels so blessed to have God, her family, friends, mentors, and companies in her life. She is very aware that without every one of those components; she would not be who she is today. Laurie’s been so blessed by God; she wants to commit her life to share with others the true keys to success and ways to achieve total freedom in all areas of life, not just financially but spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Laurie’s favorite verse from the Bible is:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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